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Business Owners’ Policy (BOP) Insurance in Temple, TX

At The David Nix Agency, we find it ironic that Business Owners’ Policies (BOP), while vital for business owners, are treated as a second thought or an “accommodation” by many insurance agencies as an accommodation. We approach Business Owners’ Policy (BOP) insurance differently, and consider it one of our specialties. We are able to be very competitive, and can customize a product to meet specific needs, and have a location within our market that allows us to be hands-on with client accounts.

Business Owners’ Policy (BOP) Insurance Quotes in Temple, TX

The David Nix Agency works with excellent providers that specialize in Business Owners’ Policy (BOP) insurance, including Nationwide, Travelers, the Hartford, and Guard. We’ve chosen our providers carefully to ensure prompt, affordable, and accurate Business Owners’ Policy (BOP) insurance quotes for our clients.


We cover industries that are common in Temple, TX and surrounding areas, including offices, retail, physicians, dentists, veterinarians, car washes, storage facilities, restaurants, and more. We also provide Business Owners’ Policy (BOP) insurance for more unique businesses as well. Speak to an agent to find coverage customized for you and your business.


Business Interruption Insurance as Part of Your BOP Insurance Coverage

Our location in Texas makes us vulnerable to sever thunderstorms, hail, high winds, and tornadoes. We often see these risks lead to glass damage, sign damage, water damage, and ultimately, loss of revenue. Our goal is to write policies that provide insurance coverage for risks Temple, TX business owners are likely to face.


We provide coverage that Temple, TX business owners need, including building and contents coverage, general liability, loss of use, and employee dishonestly coverage. We also provide insurance for loss of revenue, loss of income, extra expenses.


The Most Tailored BOP Policy in Temple, TX

A change in your business—be it a new location, a change in location, opening a new businesses, changing of operations, releasing new product lines, a new lease, re-financing—means there should be a change in  your Business Owners’ Policy (BOP). Our agents will help you manage the insurance aspect of these changes.

We are in contact with clients several times a year, and we encourage clients to contact us at any point they need us. Clients also have access to 24-hour service via toll free calls and online access to most of the companies we represent. We’re also here to help if you’re dissatisfied with your current insurance, be it due to anything from agent error to price increase.

To start protecting your business the right way, contact us or request a quote today.

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